The vice chancellor of Nasarawa State University Keffi, Professor Suleiman Bala Mohammed has said that the perpetrators of unethical conducts within the university are few in numbers, but their nefarious activities are affecting the entire university community, and so the authorities of the university must stop the evil minded people before they destroy the university

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The vice chancellor made this known while delivery a speech during the formal declaration of war against unethical conducts in the university, titled ‘If you see it, say it’. He lamented that both students and staff of the university were among the said bad eggs adding that there will be no sacred cow in the battle.

According to him, the perpetrators will fight back, but with determinations, the perpetrators will fail woefully owing to the mechanism put on ground

“Among the students, unethical conducts include membership of secret cults, cheating in exam hall, not attending lectures, fighting and abusing, raping, indecent dressings, prostitution, bribing, drugs (cocaine, weeds, and tramadol), harassing and intimidating colleagues and stealing.

“Among the academic staff, it includes not attending lectures regularly, not attending to students scripts and projects, selling of handouts and books, sexual harassment, marking of scripts by proxies, demanding money to pass students, abusive languages in the class, appointment with students on unholy hours and places and failure to attend or coming late to departmental, faculty and university meetings.

“Among the non-academic staff, collecting money to attend to students, keeping students on long queues, kickbacks on contracts, altering scores, examination expo, lateness to the office, sexual harassment, duping the university and  carelessness with university properties and liking university decisions”the vice chancellor stated.

He added that the unethical conducts will have to be stamped out of NSUK to enable it succeed, calling on the entire stakeholders within and outside the institution to cooperate with them in that regard.

Professor Mohammed said the unethical conducts committee that was established and empowered were saddled with the responsibilities to investigate and invite anybody implicated, saying that the committee will report directly to the vice chancellor.

Earlier on in his opening remarks, the deputy vice chancellor, Academic of the university, Professor Olayemi Akinwumi, said anybody caught in the act will face the wrath of the university’s law, which includes expulsion and dismissal.

Those who also spoke in support of the gesture included Student Union Government president, Comrade Victor Affiku Tsaku, NASSA president, ASUU and JAACK representative and presentation (peer review mechanism) by Professor Maikano Ari, Director Quality Assurance.

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