Some residents of New Nyanya and Mararaba in Karu Local Government Area, Nasarawa State, have expressed divergent reasons for wearing body enhancers, saying such makes them appealing and attractive to their husbands.

The body enhancers are undergarments such as padded braziers, butt’s booster, hip enhancer and others worn by women.

The respondents, who spoke with newsmen on Sunday, said the use of body enhancers, especially padded braizers, add to their sexual appeal, as well as making them more attractive and confidence.

Some said that while some men may condemn the use of body enhancers which they describe as artificial, others encourage their wives to wear them because of the attractiveness.

Mrs Ewere Lumenzon, an accountant, said some women that use body enhancers do so in order to boost their confidence, as well as help in making their clothes to give them more fitting.

The mother of three added that body enhancers, especially padded bra, make her look sexy and attractive for her husband.

She added that she always feels uncomfortable any day she try using ordinary bra, as such she hardly wears ordinary bra.

Mrs Mirabella Douglas is of the opinion that padded bra is good for some of us who are not well-endowed with ‘Big breasts’ , to help reduce oblivious flat-chested that make some of us to look like a men.

“I cannot do without wearing a padded bra. Not using a padded bra, makes me to look unattractive, flat-chested and as the opposite sex.

Speaking also, Mrs Ngozi Eluma, said that she is so used to hip enhancers, because of the shape of her body.

According to her, using hip booster makes the lower part of her body proportionate to her upper body because she is busty.

“If I don’t use a hip booster, my upper body looks bigger than my lower body because I am busty.

“So I prefer to use it to make both parts proportionate and it boosts my confidence and makes me look more attractive,” she said.

Mr Gideon Sunday, a business man, said he always encourages his wife to us body enhancers, in order to look more attractive for him after giving birth to his six children.

He stressed that a man should not expect his wife’s body to be the same. After numerous deliveries, change must occur because you cannot cheat nature.

“Some women actually need body enhancers to make them more appealing and attractive to the opposite sex.

“I prefer my wife to use padded bra, because she is no longer what she used to be after breast feeding five children.

“When she wears clothes, it fits her more, rather than the way she looks using ordinary bra,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mr Agatha Olanrewaju, an undergarment trader in Mararaba market, said she usually sells padded bras than any other wears.

Olanrewaju added that customers buy padded bras more than other body enhancers. The demand is so encouraging and patronage always high.

She said the cost of a padded bra varies between N2,000 and N4,000, depending on the quality.

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