Dr. Amobi

A media advocacy group, League of Anambra Media Practitioners (LAMP) has condemned in its totality the recent campaign of calumny and hatred in the media, which is being championed on by few disgruntled staff of Nigeria Bulk Energy Trading PLC against the Managing Director of NBET, Dr Melyrin Amobi, describing such attacks as “corruption fighting back to discredit the anti-corrupting policies put in place by Dr Amobi.

The media advocacy group averred that the ultimate goal of these unwarranted attacks on the person of the NBET boss was to give way for the same set of corrupt minds to take hold of the agency, which the embattled MD has succeeded in entrenching professionalism, proper work ethics, discipline and aversion to corruption, contrary what were obtainable before her taking over as MD of NBET in 2015.

In a press statement signed and made available to media houses yesterday by the National Convener of LAMP, Mr Williams Orji, the media advocacy group frowned at the way these staff are using media houses and civil society groups to do their dirty work against the NBET boss, instead of facing the corruption charges facing them at various security agencies.

The media group noted that the recent invitation extended to the six staff of the BULK trader, by State Security Service SSS, was a routine excise that has nothing personal to do with Dr Amobi, but based on happening in the agency as orchestrated by them.

Dr. Amobi

“It is important to note here that prior to the invitation of these six staff of NBET, there was grand plans by them to lockdown the agency by instigating other staff members both senior and junior to embark on a strike action as a way of rubbishing the good work and image of the MD, so that they would build good excuse for the general public to believe their spurious allegations against the their boss, thus paving way for the Federal Government to sack her.

“Our finding shows that last week these set of men and women, who are senior and management staff on their own rights, started instructing the rest of the staff members stop coming to work, as way pressing their interior motive of getting the Federal government to sack their MD.

“On Thursday precisely, believing that their nocturnal plan had succeeded, six of them did absented from work, to fulfill the hatched plan against the Dr Amobi. But when they noticed that the plan did not succeed, as all other staff members came to work thereby shunning their game plan, they quickly sent in excuse letters to the agency, stating all kinds of reasons they couldn’t come to work on that day.

“ It will also interest the general public to know that in other to avoid disciplinary action from the agency, due to gross indiscipline, nepotism, incitement against constituted authority, misappropriation and misapplication of funds, absenting from the office without excuse, licking of official government documents etc, they have been desperately going from one media house to the other with the intention drag this amazon of anti-corruption, to the mud, with all sorts of false allegation they know that cannot stand any serious legal scrutiny in the law court.

“To curry favour through the media will not help, rather they go back to their office and answer the various queries that are awaiting them there. Who knows, they may come out unscratched. But following the civil service rules, is what the MD is upholding without necessarily trading words with them in the media.”

The group therefore tasked the media to be more professional when giving their ears to some unscrupulous elements that take advantage of economic situation in the country to exploit our vibrate media industry.

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