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Women choir


The Assemblies of God Nigeria on Sunday, October 20, celebrated their
National Praise Day. At Assemblies of God Church, Apo Mechanic Village
Estate, Abuja, it was a joyous moment.

Rev. Clement Akpan, senior pastor

Special numbers and testimonies were presented by individual, the band
(Edifiers), the youth choir and by the adult choir.

The senior pastor, Reverend Clement Akpan preached a message on the
topic, Wonders of Divine Praise’. He said God is called ‘the man of
battle’ because of humanity.

He took his text from the book of 2 Chronicles 20:15-25 where he read
about the children of Israel who fought a battle only by singing, and
how God destroyed the children of Ammon, Moab and Mount Seir who had
gathered to fight against Judah and Jerusalem in the days of
Jehoshaphat King of Judah.

The man of God encouraged his people to learn how to praise God in
every situation. He said, “If you cannot pray, please learn how to
praise.” It was indeed a great event.

Also in the service, a woman, Mrs. Helen Chukwu celebrated her 50
years birthday. The senior pastor commended her for having the courage
to make her age known, unlike many women who prefer secrecy.

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